Branch of the Geographical Association for South Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties


Geolincs is a branch of the Geographical Association that aims to sustain excellence in geography education in Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties. It is a non-profit network that provides professional development and growth. CPD afternoons are completely free to attend.

It has several aims:

  1. To explore and develop teaching expertise and subject knowledge
  2. To share ideas through participation and networking
  3. To provide a forum for debate and discussion

Geolincs also aims to meet the standards of professional development outlined by the DfE:

  1. Geolincs focuses on improving student outcomes and classroom impact
  2. Geolincs is underpinned by robust evidence and expertise, linking pedagogical knowledge with subject specialist knowledge
  3. Geolincs encourages collaboration and expert challenge
  4. Geolincs – as a set of development programmes – is sustained over time



What are the benefits of participating in Geolincs?

There is a plethora of benefits.  Developing pedagogic knowledge, subject knowledge, and sharing ideas are at the heart of the network, as well as meeting new people and forging new connections.

Can’t this be done virtually?

In some ways, yes, but the benefits are maximised in a real-time setting. Dialogue opens up numerous possibilities that a ning or online forum just can’t match.

How does Geolincs differ from other meetings?

Teaching and learning sessions, INSET days and other courses have their advantages, but Geolincs is specific to Geography and specific to the region.


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